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Business-Engineering-Science-&-Technology (The BEST) Development and Management Consultants was established in 2003 with the singular aim of supporting Development Practice (DP). Fundamentally, Development and Management is a Central Governance challenge issue that both government and the private sector seek to address. The thrust of the BEST Services is thus to offer best-practiced interdisciplinary development and management Technical Assistance (TA). The BEST services therefore applies the best-practiced Contemporary development explicit and tacit knowledge and rigorous methods and tools of Business, Engineering, Science and Technology (hence the BEST), to address the complex governance challenges of development and management investments undertaken by the Public and the Private sectors.

Best Key Focus Areas

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The BEST e-planning technical assistance

covers stakeholders’ engagements, strategic/policy, socioeconomic and poverty assessments, project/policy Plans’ design and formulation, feasibility and socioeconomic and socioenvironmental analysis and formulation of feasible and mitigation plans
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The BEST Project Implementation Support

includes serving as Implementing Partner to support an entire project component including technical designs and supervision. As Technical Assistance Provider The BEST offer services in pre-implementation including the analysis of Project Theory of Change, Result Chain
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Development Industrial and Business Support

in Industrial Development Planning, capacity strengthening of Stakeholders in Value Chains and District/chiefdom Growth Poles, and support in Trade Competitive Analysis of agricultural commodities, Business Process Design and Institutional Capacity Building Processes for SMEs in the agricultural and other Value Chains.
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Seeks to support Islamic Financial Services

Seeks to support Islamic Financial Services venture capital for MSMEs

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Logistics and Infrastructural Development Services

 provides Logistics and Infrastructural Development Services, and

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BEST Academy

The BEST Academy to Professionally Certify practitioner in Contemporary e-Development & e-Business e-Management and e-Governance practices and ICT.