School for professional post Graduate Training

School for Post-Grad Certificate/Diploma in Development and Management.

Contemporary e-Development Management and Governance (e-DM&G)

Contemporary e-Development Management and Governance (e-DM&G)

Contemporary Small, Medium and Large Enterprises (SMLEs) e-Business Development, Management and Corporate Governance (e-BM&G)

The BEST Information Communication Technology (ICT) Academy for CompTIA, CISCO and Microsoft Professional Certifications


Facilitation of Training and Post-grad. Studies

The BEST facilitates Project Cycle Management trainings for Project Management/Implementation Units and NGOs and also facilitates Strategic Planning, Business Development and Management trainings for Small and Medium scale enterprises. We are currently developing a School for Post-Grad Certificate/Diploma in Development and Management.

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This competency-based post-grad training is therefore designed to offer short courses leading to the award of a professional post-graduate certificates and diplomas to university school leavers and development and business practitioners. At the end of each course, participants are certified based on their specialties to have acquired the desired bases, tools and techniques and the requisite capabilities on the application and the applicability of development & business governance and management in the public or the private sectors.

Business Engineering Science and Technology (BEST) was established in 2003 as the first Sierra Leonean development and management consulting firm. The firm was set-up with the special mission: to offer high quality technical and socially and environmentally sensitive development services that applies the best-practiced knowledge and methods of Business, Engineering, Science and Technology (hence the BEST), to meet the complex challenges of development and management interventions of the Public and the Private sectors including profit and not-for profit organizations. The BEST is therefore a multi-disciplinary Development and governance service provider. The overarching goal of the BEST’s development and Management services is to deliver competitive best-practiced and result-based Development and management services using the best socio-technical and e-know-how and practices to support the Governance and Management of development projects/programs and the recurrent service delivery interventions of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and business administration. Our services have been delivered to MDAs and Donor supported Development Projects/programs, on the one part, and on the other, supported the Development and Corporate Governance of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises (SMLEs). For the purposes of the post-grad training, the BEST will also draw from its sister organization – Centre for Economic and Social Policy Analysis (CESPA’s) Research and Development Services that includes its research in public service delivery and governance (see CESPA’s Publications and Kamara and Kamara et al Book ), as well as, its R&D support to MDAs’ Policy Planning and Management of Development Programs and Sector Reviews and support to Donors Data Cycle Management, using computer assisted data collection.

The vision of the BEST’s Professional Post-grad Training Program is to transform the public service delivery, SMLEs’ business environment, as well as, corporations to result-based hubs of good-governance and best-practiced management services.
Over the BEST’s 18+ years of existence and service to the nation, in partnership with reputable international organizations and companies, the BEST has gained enormous experiences in providing interdisciplinary technical assistant in best-practiced development and management services. These services among others include technical assistance in social, engineering, science and technology development and management services in a varieties of public and private sector interventions. Over these years, the BEST has provided technical assistances in diverse development service areas including the formulation and designing of projects and policies, designing of M&E systems and Implementation Manuals, providing implementation support and served as implementing partner for diverse interventions. The firm also provides capacity-building and strengthening services to a varieties of sectors including Agriculture, Economic Development, Local Government, Water Supply and Sanitation, Education, Health, Energy, Trade and Tourism sectors. The BEST and CESPA thus have and can serve as a repertoire of tacit/experiential national knowledge to complement other literature sources of explicit and tacit knowledge bases for the proposed Post-grad School in Development and Business Management and Governance.

Training Program Bases and Thrust


Our understanding of development is about social and area transformation. Development is thus a process and cyclic by design, to enable not only the delivery of one-off specific results but to stabilize and enhances outcomes and build upon them in order to further and to sustain the transformation process. Development is thus a practical and a systemic process of decisions and actions and checking and balancing of this governance and management process for the continuous delivery of positive results thereby growth and wellbeing to the