Programs of Study

The Thrust of the Training Program

Training Program Bases and Thrust

Our understanding of development is about social and area transformation. Development is thus a process and cyclic by design, to enable not only the delivery of one-off specific results but to stabilize and enhances outcomes and build upon them in order to further and to sustain the transformation process. Development is thus a practical and a systemic process of decisions and actions and checking and balancing of this governance and management process for the continuous delivery of positive results thereby growth and wellbeing to the

Courses to be offered

The courses are designed to professionally certify development governors and managers, and practitioners in both the public and the private sectors (including for-profit and the not-for-profit) development service providers, as well as, fresh university graduates that want to make a career in Development and Business Services Delivery. The BEST courses are also geared towards the reduction of unemployment and underemployment that are endemic in Sierra Leone. It is our aim to therefore strengthen communities, chiefdom/district councils and SMEs in the country to enable Sierra Leone to leap-frog to a competitive middle income country. In effect, all the practitioners and individuals accepted into our professional certification programs will be coach through our coaching system to help them to unlock their true potential and to enable them to have a professional purpose and to be able to make appropriate choices and to deliver on them. In order to achieve the above objectives, the following courses will be offered by the BEST School of development& business governance and Management:

A. Certificate program

Development Management and Governance

Corporate Business Management and Governance

ICT Certification Program

Microsoft Certification

CompTIA Certification

CISCO Certification

This will include short courses spanning from Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Certificates covering from 3, 6 and 8 months respectively. All certificate courses are also offered at diploma level with an extended duration and depth of work.

Diploma program

Diploma program in Development & Business Governance and Management

Corporate Business Management and Governance

Microsoft Diploma

CompTIA Diploma

CISCO Certification

The BEST’s Professional Tutors and Facilitators

The BEST’s Professional Post-grad Training Program is designed to tap into the talents of experts and professionals who have delivered services in development and Business Management and Governance at the highest level in Sierra Leone and abroad. Therefore all our professional courses’ lectures will be delivered by experts with high competence and extensive practical experiences in their respective fields and they have gone beyond academic work to professionally deliver at the highest national level. Development experts and IT professionals from within BEST and its database of professional associates will be drawn upon for these trainings. A profile of some of these experienced development and IT professionals is presented in subsection 8The lead and some of our trainers have been trained by the IFC, World Bank Group business edge and LPI, respectively. The BEST goal is to make the training to be locally and internationally relevant. The table blow present a snap-shot of the BEST’s Tutor and Facilitators: