Project Management

Over its 18 years of existence, the BEST Development and Management Services has gained enormous experiences in providing interdisciplinary technical assistant in best-practiced e-development and e-management services including technical assistance in socioeconomic, engineering, sciences and technology (Knowledge) management services The bulk of the services of the BEST has been in the provision of support in e-Development Project Cycle Management (e-DPCM) to support diverse interventions and investment projects in agriculture and rural livelihoods, Community Driven Development, Socioenvironmental Mitigation Services, Industrial, Engineering and Infrastructural/Real Estate Developments for investment projects supported by Governments and Donors, and the Private Sector. Over these years, the BEST has acquired competence, expertise and competitive edge in five niche service areas, which include among others:

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Projects’ e-Development and Management Services

The BEST provides technical assistance (TA) in e-D&M services for the formulation of Projects, Policies and Strategic development Plans and conduction of economic and technical feasibility studies for Ministries Department and Agencies of Government, and for Private Companies. The BEST also technically support all the stages of the Project Cycle Management (PCM)  framework to manage for evidenced-based results for the effective and efficient delivery development programs/investments funded by Multilateral Donors and Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies’ (MDAs) and their project management units

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The BEST offers e-program/project planning including: (i) Participatory Needs and poverty Assessment e-Geographic Information of Land-use of target areas, Feasibility Studies, Economic and Financial Analysis, Project Formulation and Design, and (ii) Social and Environmental Assessment (SEA) and development of Mitigation Plans,

The BEST Development management services including: (1) serving as implementing partner for both social, engineering and environmental development projects, (2) Project Implementation Assistance including Formulation of Project Theory of Change, Result Chain and Stakeholders Analysis, preparation of project implementation manuals, design and development of e-M&E framework, system, tools and e-M&E Manuals for project implementers, (3) conduction of e-R&D studies including qualitative and quantitative evidence-based baseline surveys, mid and end term  Beneficiary Project Impact  (BPI), and Post-project Impact studies and preparation of project completion report (PCR).